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   Our office is located at 2114 West Second Street in Roswell, New Mexico. Though our hours vary, we are normally in the office Monday through Friday, 9AM to 2PM. If you need to get in touch with us outside of these hours, please call us and leave a message to set up an appointment, and we will see that someone can meet you at the office during off hours.

   Our drivers are not on a set schedule, and you may not receive the same driver each time you need transportation. All of our drivers are volunteers, and many have only certain days and hours they can drive. However, if you need transportation, we will do everything we can to make sure one of our drivers is available for your appointment.

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Southeast New Mexico Veteran's Transportation Network

2114 W 2nd StRoswellNM 88203, USA
Telephone:  575-622-0729
FAX: 575-622-6520
E-mail: acrossthestreet2114@senmtransport.com